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Please call or e-mail Ms. Tosado for an Eligibility Packet. Any parent with concerns about their child’s development should contact us immediately. Please note that students must live in School District 69 to enroll in our preschool program. In addition, applicants must be three years old by September 1st.

Preschool for All Grant
District 69 Early Childhood is a recipient of the Illinois Preschool for All grant, which focuses on high-quality educational programs for children who are determined to be “at-risk” due to a wide variety of factors. A few examples of these factors are: low to moderate income families, families where English is not the primary language spoken at home, and single parent/blended families. Students must be “at-risk” and at least 3 years old to enroll in the Preschool for All program. For more information about Preschool for All, click here:

Preschool for All

Preschool for All Registration Process

Preschool for All registration is a two-step process. Parents begin by completing an Eligibility Packet, which will be mailed to your home. Please note that we have limited space and not every student who qualifies will be able to secure a spot in the program. The most at-risk children with the greatest number of eligibility criteria are enrolled first, and four year olds (age four on or before September 1st of the current school year) get priority over three year olds. We must have your mailing address, your child’s name and date of birth, and parent name and phone number, to assemble an Eligibility Packet for you.

Registration for preschool begins each February for the following school year. Please contact Ms. Tosado at 847-675-7666 EXT 1075 or email tosador@skokie69.net to request an eligibility packet.

Please see this page for registration information: http://sd69.org/district-info/about-d69/registration/

Preschool for All Eligibility Packet

Here are most of the papers that you will need to complete and hand in so we can determine if your child is eligible for the Preschool for All program**:

Eligibility paperwork for the is posted here: http://sd69.org/district-info/about-d69/registration/

**You will also need two developmental screeners that you can only get from the pre-k office.**

Preschool for All Registration Packet

Only those students who are eligible and receive a space in the program will continue the enrollment process by registering their child for school. If your child is eligible for Preschool for All and we have a spot in our program for him/her, you can find the registration paperwork here: http://sd69.org/district-info/about-d69/registration/

You will need to provide a birth certificate (or passport, green card, white card, or other government issued proof of birth date).