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Ms. Nelson- Paraprofessional

Mrs. Santana- Classroom Teacher

Ms. Stovel- Classroom Teacher

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This is Ms. Stovel’s 13th year at Madison School. She previously taught in Wheeling for 1 year and Des Plaines for 2 years. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2002 with a Bachelors degree in Child Development. She completed her ELL endorsement at National Louis University. She has taught Pre-K, kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade. She currently lives in Chicago, IL and enjoys reading, watching sports, running, yoga and visiting her family in Michigan.
Ms. Stovel will be co-teaching with Mrs. Santana this year, and Mrs. Nelson will be the paraprofessional. This is Mrs. Nelson’s 3rd year working in Room 33.  We are looking forward to a great school year!

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Mrs. Walsh- Classroom Teacher

Mrs. Stiernberg- Paraprofessional

This year will be Mrs. Walsh’s 16th year teaching PreK at Madison School. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Northeastern University and her EL endorsement from National Louis University.

Mrs. Walsh works with Mrs. Stiernberg. They have worked together for 7 years. They work to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children. They provide enriching, hands-on activities where children can explore and  engage with materials that will help them grow and develop in all areas of development. It is important to remember that children in PreK are developing physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally

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Ms. Golden- Paraprofessional

Ms. Dabbas- Paraprofessional

Ms. Dominguez- Paraprofessional

Mrs. Soffer- Classroom Teacher
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Rachelli Soffer received her Bachelors degree from Boston University in Special Education and her Masters degree from National Louis University in English Language Learners and Early Childhood Education. She obtained an advanced degree in Behavior Intervention at UIC. Mrs. Soffer has been teaching for 10 years, and this is her 8th year at Madison School. Prior to working at Madison, she taught Special Education in Massachusetts. Mrs. Soffer loves to travel, exercise, and cook. Mrs. Soffer’s teaching philosophy is a belief that a nurturing, predictable, structured and safe environment is essential for optimal learning experiences at the early childhood level. Children learn best when viewed as individuals each with strengths and needs. The classroom utilizes a developmental and behavioural approach to learning. Teachers, assistants, and therapy providers create meaningful experiences for children to develop their cognition, language, social skills and motor skills. Children actively explore their environment and acquire skills through play, small groups, large groups, and direct and explicit instruction. Classroom activities are differentiated for the variety of ability levels in the classroom.


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Anne Hennigan- Classroom Teacher

Noemi Cajamarca- Paraprofessional

This will be Ms. Hennigan’s first year at Madison school. She previously taught Preschool and Kindergarten for 3 Years in Riverside, and in Wheaton for 5. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She also obtained her ESL endorsement from National Louis University in 2016. She is very excited to join the Madison school family and is looking forward to getting to know her incoming families! Ms. Hennigan lives in Chicago, IL and enjoys volunteering, reading, hiking, and swimming in her free time. She is looking forward to a spectacular school year!”

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Carolyn Olson- Classroom Teacher

May Ibrahim- Paraprofessional

This is Ms. Olson’s first year teaching at Madison. She previously taught preschool in Deerfield for the last 3 years and in a toddler room in Chicago for two years. Ms. Olson received her Early Childhood Degree from Northeastern Illinois University in 2013 and her ESL endorsement from National Louis University in 2017.

Ms. Olson lives in Chicago, IL with her 3 dogs. She enjoys taking her dogs to the park to play, hiking, exercising, spending time with her family, and going to concerts. She is looking forward to a phenomenal year!



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Francesca Ramirez, Speech/Language Pathologist

This is Mrs. Ramirez’s fifth year working at Madison School in the preschool program. She previously worked in District 65 in Evanston for 1 year. Mrs. Ramirez received her undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology from Marquette University. She continued her education at Northwestern University, and earned a Masters degree in Speech, Language, and Learning. She works on communication skills with students, including articulation, language, social skills, and also feeding. Your children may see her if they are receiving speech-language therapy, or as a part of the preschool program. She may run a center or be leading whole group activities during circle time to work on communication skills with all students!


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Sarah Kalinowski, School Psychologist

Sarah Kalinowski is the preschool psychologist. This is her 7th year in District 69. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Psychology and continued on to obtain her Master’s of Education degree from National Louis University in the area of School Psychology. Sarah became a school psychologist to ensure that children are provided the services and supports they need to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally in their school environment.  In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband, Jeff, and two daughters, Hailey and Eleanor.

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Shruti Patel, Occupational Therapist

Shruti Patel is one of District 69’s Occupational Therapist. She works on a variety of skills with the students including, fine motor, visual motor, sensory processing, motor planning, bilateral coordination, and independent functioning in order to increase their academic performance in school.

This is Mrs. Patel’s fifth year at Madison School. She graduated from the University of Illinois-Chicago with a major in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology and obtained her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She has previously worked in an outpatient pediatric clinic and provided Early Intervention services in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. She currently lives in Des Plaines with her husband. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods, painting, and running.

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Anna Granneman, Behavior Specialist

This is Anna’s second year working with pre-school at Madison and she couldn’t be more excited to join the team.  She obtained a Bachelor of Social Work from Loyola University Chicago and received her Master of Social Work from University of Illinois Chicago with a specialization in school social work.  Anna worked as a school social worker in Aurora, IL for 8 years before taking some time off to start a family.  She is thrilled to be working with students and families of district 69 and excited to apply her passion and dedication to the practice of social work!  Anna will be working with all of the pre-school children this year teaching lessons that address social/emotional functioning.  She also provides direct support to children and families in the areas of individual behavioral support and small group instruction/counseling.  She can also connect families with resources in the community.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns you may have!  She lives in Andersonville with her husband Peter and two children, Thomas (3) and Lucille (18 months).  In her free-time, you can find Anna cooking, reading and playing at the park with her kids.

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Liza Sullivan- B-3 Coordinator

This is Liza Sullivan’s first year in District 69.  She is excited to partner closely with you as the new Birth-3rd Grade (B-3) Coordinator. This is a newly created position, and during this first year her work will support parents with children from birth through preschool. She is here to help you to be your child’s first teacher and ensure you everything you need so your child is successful in school.

Some of the resources, services, and opportunities Mrs. Sullivan will coordinate include parent education workshops, family events, the Pre-K Lending Library, a monthly newsletter, and more!