How Community Schools Works

Operating Structure

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Steering Committee

Made up of various heads of organizations, D69 Parents, Staff and Administrators, our Steering Committee meets quarterly to discuss systems-change work, learn about each others strategic priorities and discuss organizational commonalities. They provide the “birds-eye” view of the work we are collectively working on in order to financially and holistically support our families and community.

Margaret Clauson, District 69
Stephen Vick, Infant Welfare Society
Rebecca Riha-White, United Way of Metro Chicago
Richard Kong, Skokie Public Library
David Clough, Village of Skokie
Tarin Kendrick, NTDSE
Jean Hedstrom, D219 Foundation
Megan Orleans, Youth & Opportunity United
Maggie Blinn DiNovi, Youth & Opportunity United
Susan Carlton, Skokie Community Member
Jeannine Cleary, SLAM
Lisa Helfand, SEA
Raqshinda Jabeen, Madison School D69
Felicia Holtz, District 69
Erin Fenner, D69 Parent
Liliana Salcido, D69 Parent
Amanda Steegmueller, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ