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Community Schools place children and families at the center of our community.
Together, we join families to ensure that all children can achieve success in and out of school.

Community Schools are the neighborhood hub.
Together, we offer a central place for education, support, and community engagement.

Community Schools are for everyone.
Together, we embrace diversity and we share our lived experiences.

Community Schools mean equitable opportunities for all.
Together, we ensure all children have access to the resources they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

Community Schools have resources for everyone.
Together, we listen to families’ needs and provide individualized care and support.

Community Schools create partnerships identified by our Skokie and Morton Grove families.
Together, we focus on: 1) early childhood education, 2) expanded learning opportunities, 3) family engagement, and 4) health and wellness initiatives.

Community Schools offer platforms for active engagement.
Together, we encourage children, families, school, and community stakeholders to share their time, talents, and treasures.

Community Schools is a national strategy to foster students’ success.
Together, we utilize this evidence-based approach to meet the needs of modern learning.  

Community Schools:  Welcoming Schools, Engaged Community, Thriving Children

Read the Community Schools Manifesto in Arabic, Español, and Urdu

اقرأ بيان مدارس المجتمع  Arabic

Lea sobre Escuelas Comunitarias en Español

کمیونٹی اسکولز کا منشور/manifesto پڑھیں Urdu

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