All purchases and vendor contracts in District 69 are done in accordance with Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-20.21). All contracts are approved or authorized by the Board of Education or its designee, and those in excess of $25,000 are made in accordance with the state bidding procedure, unless specifically exempted by Illinois School Code.

For questions regarding bids or requests for proposal, please contact the business office at 847-675-7666.

District 69 is currently accepting bids or requests for proposal for the following items or services:

Bid 2102 – AV Equipment and Supplies

Please note: It is the bidder’s responsibility to check the District 69 website 48 hours before the due date to confirm that no addenda have been issued.

Archived Bids/RFPs

Request for Qualifications – Architectural Services
Request for Qualifications – Construction Management Services
Bid 1601 – Electronic Security Hardware and Installation • Results
Bid 1602 – Interior Painting Services • Results
RFP 1603 – Natural Gas • Results
Bid 1701 – Door Lock Hardware and Installation • Addendum • Results
Request for Proposal – Food Service Management Company • Results
RFP 1801 – Audit Services • Addendum
Bid 2001 – Ford F-350 Truck • Addendum • Results
Bid 2101 – Televisions and Displays • Addendum 1 • Addendum 2 • Results