Special Education is an integral part of the total program offered to serve students in School District 69. Special services and general education staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of all of our students. This page provides information concerning referral, eligibility, programs, services and parent involvement.

Any student experiencing difficulties in school may be referred to the building problem solving team by a teacher, parent, principal or other concerned person. The team reviews referral information and collaborates with the classroom teacher to develop intervention strategies within the general education classroom. Please review the MTSS site for more information.

If a student does not respond to intervention, then parents are invited to their child’s individual problem solving meeting. Building problem solving teams also determine the need for case study evaluation. When an evaluation is discussed, parents are notified in writing of the team’s decision as to the need for an evaluation. Written parental consent must be obtained before an initial case study evaluation occurs.
Upon completion of the case study evaluation, parents are invited to a formal conference at which evaluation results are reviewed and eligibility for services is determined. If a student is eligible for special education services, an Individual Education Program is developed.

Recommendations regarding eligibility are made by a consensus of members of the special education team which includes the parent. In order for eligibility to occur, the student must be found to exhibit one or more exceptional characteristics that adversely affect his or her educational performance and require special education and related services.

Programs to address student achievement are the heart of special education. There are special education programs for students with all types of disabilities. These include:
• Consultation Services
• Itinerant Services
• Resource Services
• Co-Taught Classrooms
• Cross-Categorical Special Education Classrooms
• Therapeutic Day School
• Residential School
• Homebound Services

Special Services provides all related services specified in Federal and State Law. These include:
• Physical and Occupational Therapy
• Orientation & Mobility
• Speech and Language Therapy
• Nursing Services
• Psychological Services
• Counseling Services

The District maintains related service logs that document the type and number of minutes of related service administered under a student’s individualized education plan (IEP).  These related service logs will be available to parents/guardians at a student’s annual review IEP meeting. Parents/guardians may also request, at any time, a copy of any IEP related service log maintained for their child.  The school district will have 10 days to fulfill this request. Please direct any requests to the Director of Special Services.



Notice of Procedural Safeguards for Parents/Guardians of Students with Disabilities

ISBE Parent Guide – Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois

Niles Township District for Special Education

NSSEO Hearing Program

Contact Information

Diego Munoz 847-675-7666 x1061
Pre-K School Psychologist

Caitlin DeJong 847-675-3048
Madison K-2 School Psychologist

Jamie Moore 847-966-6210
Edison School Psychologist

Sue Foley 847-676-3545
Lincoln Jr. High School Psychologist

Kristine Joaquin Schubert 847-675-7666
Director of Special Services