Student Device & Internet Use

Technology plays an integral role in classroom instruction and is a key component in enriching the academic experiences of students. Students regularly access and interact with District 69 technology. In order to preserve a functional network environment and maintain equipment in good working order, families are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) called the Technology Agreement. A copy of the Technology Agreement can be found here.

Additionally, the district maintains a CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliant content filter that uses both district created black lists and a subscription to a website definition service that provides real-time updates to block as many unacceptable websites as possible.

Student Photos/Recordings/Original Work

From time to time, staff members may take photographs, make videotapes, or create digitized pictures of students in school activities for use in publications, on the District 69 web page, or on cable television. Upon enrollment parents or guardians will complete the Use of Student Photo, Video, and Information agreement regarding the use of students pictures and work. This agreement will be valid for the duration of your child’s enrollment in District 69.